About Us

Understanding the beauty needs of modern women, L’amour Nails & Spa constantly invest in facilities and equipment in the world to meet the needs of women's beauty. When you come here, you will be impressed by the luxurious design, delicate warm space created by light yellow but no less prominent. We continually invest in advanced spa techniques, equipment and technology from the countries with the most developed aesthetic world.

The salon is the customer service and thoughtful quality;
The store has the most appropriate price;
The salon has the most attractive services such as free nail design services, free internet for guests to sit;
Is a salon that offers special services for wedding celebrations, wedding celebrations, birthdays, etc. with special promotional rates or discounts;
The salon has unique and effective ways to save time, such as reducing the waiting time of guests by using two UV lamps to dry two nails of two hands at the same time. For drying one by one;
The salon has nail technicians to make the perfect nail services to the highest natural, but save the best time;
The salon has many services to meet the needs of guests do nails. Such as nails, facial, massage, waxing, eyelash extensions, aesthetic invasions, nail design from airbrush to hand nail design.